Roman & Dylan's Fireside Fuck

Duration: 29:04 Views: 7.6K Submitted: 1 year ago Year: 2022
Description: Something that I really got a kick out of at the beginning of this special Valentine's Day episode is just how nervous both Dylan and Roman were! These guys are so great at what they do and we've seen them in such incredibly hot action already, yet it was clear for each of them things got very real when we put them in to a dark room with candlelight, next to the fireplace, in such an intimate setting. Raging, hardcore, flesh-pounding, intense sex is one thing; romantic, intimate, passionate, "boyfriend sex" is something else entirely, and takes some special skill to pull off. Dylan and Roman have that skill, though. Despite those early nerves, each fully embraced the setting and moment and what follows is a wonderfully romantic, powerfully passionate, intensely intimate pairing that'll have your screen steaming up. These two are so good at what they do, such naturals on camera, and so genuine and real in the bedroom they leave us all with little doubt they're having themselves an amazing time here. Frankly, dare I say so myself, I think these kinds of episodes are something we do often and well here. Sex between two men can be intense, hardcore, raunchy and wild as well as intimate and passionate and authentic - and all at the same time. We don't need silly pretenses or premises, the guys don't need to be charicatures of two men havings sex, and gay, bi, straight, pan, demi (and so on) guys can enjoy one another sexually without us needing to pretend someone didn't have tip money for the pizza guy or their girlfriends are in the next room or something - they can just have hot sex because they like it and one another!