Study Break Sc.1: Johny Walsh, Tyler Scott

Duration: 20:29 Views: 4.3K Submitted: 9 months ago Year: 2020
Description: When Tyler meets his prey there is no stopping him, and boy is he eager to get into Johny's pants! Maybe too eager? After all, making out in school is something that for sure would be frowned upon if they were caught! Of course Johny accepts Tylers invite to meet up at 7, and pretty much from the start, both boys are not able to keep their hands off each other! But as mentioned previously, Tyler is too eager to get into Johnys pants, with he is in no time sucking him off before Johny returns the pleasure! But clearly these boys won't stop there, as soon Johny has his cock balls deep in Tyler's ass giving him just what he wanted all along!