DP Me Sc. 4

Duration: 24:56 Views: 7.4K Submitted: 7 months ago Year: 2020
Description: DP Me Sc. 4 (David Hollister, Jake Williams, Liam Stone). David may not be the best person at drawing, but when it comes to cock, he sure gives the boys what they deserve! Liam is soon on his knees sucking off and jerking both boys before David gets down to suck on Liams cock whilst he in turn is sucking Jakes rock hard cock. It's not long before both boys are adoring Jakes meaty shaft, and these boys sure know how to share a cock! Liam for sure is a lucky boy as soon he is getting rimmed by Jake and his sucked by David, but the fun is far from over as soon Liam is riding on both boys cocks at the same time!