Better Than Coffee

Duration: 23:46 Views: 4.1K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2022
Description: (Mario Vertigo, Stephen Angel). Muscled young hunk Mario Vertigo is a perfect host, and not just because he likes to walk around the apartment with his incredible body on display for unexpected guests like Stephen Angel to admire. He starts out this Jawked session by simply offering his equally hot visitor a cup of coffee, but it seems Stephen wants cream with that. Stephen might be Mario's roommate's friend, but the visitor is more than willing to get to know the powerful young muscle stud. It soon becomes apparent that the feeling is very mutual and with a sensual kiss across the kitchen worktop Mario's incredible muscle dick is revealed for Stephen to sample. A taste of the veiny, rock solid dick is enough to incite both to a feverish slurping, with the handsome men gobbling and licking cock and ass. It's quickly clear that Stephen is after more than a taste of that meat and with his muscle butt ready and waiting and properly slurped Mario pumps his rod in deep. The gym-buff buddies take it back to the couch for a desperate ride before Stephen lays back to get his milky mess fucked out of him, with his incredibly built new friend towering over and soon ready to shower him with his own exploding semen. Stephen will be visiting the apartment a lot more often now he's met his friends roommate.