Filled Up With Cum Scene 1

Duration: 41:56 Views: 3.1K Submitted: 1 month ago Year: 2021
Description: (Models Sir Peter, Marco Antonio and Allen King). Talk about a Papa Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear scenario between three all-star Lucas Men like Sir Peter, Marco Antonio, and Allen King. The production team knows well that Allen King is bursting with youthful energy and enthusiasm whenever he’s on the set of a Lucas Entertainment production, and there’s never been a cock he’s been afraid to take. Even when the idea of starring in a threesome with Marco and Sir Peter was floated, he was excited to strip down and get started. The three begin spending time together causally out on the lanai enjoying beverages before moving into the wading pool. Before long, though, Allen King’s mouth and ass are stuffed to full capacity thanks to the huge uncut alpha cocks of Sir Peter and Marco Antonio.