Breaking In Hank

Duration: 17:40 Views: 11K Submitted: 7 years ago Year: 2016
Description: So far, Hank has been quite the hit here with fans. People are loving his tight body, hot cock, sexy face, and masculine demeanor- and now we get to enjoy all of those assets in some guy/guy action! Although Henry is pretty new himself, his gusto for taking care of cock (both his own and every guy he’s hooked up with since he arrived) made him the ideal guy to break in the tall lean hunk. He starts with sucking Hank’s dick. Then he gives Hank a first taste of his meaty cock and Hank’s interest grows more as he explores all of Henry’s body. When it comes to the fucking, Henry is thrilled he gets to break Hank in- and he isn’t afraid to push him to fuck harder and deeper. Which makes Hank thrilled that it was Henry too- especially when he’s watching the blond suck up his cum!
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