Bastian’s double shot

Duration: 19:57 Views: 34K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: I found beefcake Bastian quite masculine, and his beautiful skin tone caught my attention, so I gave him my business card after I had dinner at a local restaurant where he works as a bus boy, of course I did it when I was almost out of the place.. lol, but something told me that he would call ,the place did not look very busy so would not be good tipping , but apparently the lack of good tips was not the only Bastian motivation, he confessed me that he hasn’t have any sexual contact for past 7 months! .. I don’t understand why..he is handsome and supposedly with nearly 8 inches of cock! ( well.. if something I have learned in this business is that heterosexual guys do not know anything about sizes and, we are the experts in those areas, so we can forgive him about that little lie, right? lol.. besides his cock still been beautiful and sooooo suckable.. And the best part was that Bastian gave us a double shot of delicious cum!..of course he was a little distressed after he first cum but as he himself said, he did not want to disappoint the Hunters, so we continued for the second one you can see I did have any problem with that! ….lol…I hope you guys enjoy this video with sexy Bastian..